Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Three B's? That's crazy!

Three Bs is right. This is the NC BBBQ Tour, where the extra "B" stands for Bbaseball! And where that extra "B" stands for Bbeer!
(and where that extra "B" is a typo)

Here's the thing. I love baseball and I've always wanted to visit all the minor league baseball stadiums in North Carolina. However, about a decade into living here, I've done a terrible job only visiting Durham, Charlotte, and of course watching some B-Tribe baseball (Burlington). This year I made it my mission to visit every stadium over the course of a single summer.

During the planning of these trips I noticed that a lot of these baseball towns also were brewery towns, the number of micro-breweries in North Carolina exploding over the course of the past few years. Since I also enjoy a cold beverage now and then, I thought I should expand this tour thing from a great NC baseball tour to an awesome NC Beer and Baseball tour.

Then my wife bought this book for a friend and suddenly the tour morphed from awesome to super awesome. If I could combine each minor league baseball visit with a brewery/brewpub stop AND a local BBQ joint, how could life get any better? Answer : it couldn't while staying rated PG-13.

10 teams, 10 beer stops, 10 BBQ joints, One summer.

We're already half way through so over the course of the next two weeks I'll update on the stops that have already happened. Hope you enjoy.

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